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Did you have enough of doing nothing and laying in the hammock? 


Donkey lagoon for kitesurfing

The Donkey Lagoon is set among sand dunes and dominated by wild donkeys. This is your freestyle heaven.. Flat water conditions, steady wind!. It is located three kilometers downwind from the village. In addition, it is a perfect place to practice sports plus also has an incredible sunset.

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Buggy Rides

There are a lot of places to ride a buggy to. The trip is made with a professional buggy driver who knows the area very well and drives around the lagoons of Lagoinha and its fabulous sand dunes. Many great places to take pictures.

Or perhaps a refreshing sea tour on the traditional raft

Lagoinha also offers an aquatic ride in which you board a fishing raft and feel the experience of professional fishers out in the sea. The ride sails some kilometers across the sea and on the way back, you can be pulled on a buoy.

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A trip to the fresh water lagoon is a must


This lagoon is for those who wish to relax, with some good restaurants around, hammocks inside the water and a comfortable place to take a nap after lunch. This is a perfect location to go with your family.

Or simply take a walk on the endless sandy beaches

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